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Jim Bordeaux

  • Shoulder & Knee Surgeries

  • Orthopedic Surgery
Doctor Hanzlik has been a truly amazing man to work with. He has such a calming presence about him when talking with you and does a great job to reassure you that everything is going to turn out for the better.

  • Shoulder
My new shoulder exceeds all my expectations. Dr. Hanzlik gave clear information and instructions and my physical therapist raved about the results of his surgery.

  • Orthopedic Surgery
Dr Hanzlik was excellent, very attentive and responsive to any concerns. He went out of his way to check on me, even calling in the evening to see how I was doing after my hospital release.

  • Hip
I feel like Doctor Hanzlik actually cares. It's obvious this is a passion and he does his job well. Not only did he and his staff show me through their interactions with me, but through the work itself. I went from barely being able to lift my leg to walk, to a hip joint that can only be described as 'buttery smooth.' You do not know how much you take for granted simple things like taking a single step without pain until every single step hurts. I am extremely grateful, and appreciative of the professional work, and treatment I was given by Doctor Hanzlik.

  • Orthopedic Surgery
Dr, Hanzlik is such a great doctor! He is very knowledgeable and he is so warm and caring. I would highly recommend him. His staff is wonderful too!

  • PRP Injection
I received a PRP injection from him and got amazing results after 3 months for my knee.

  • Orthopedic Surgery
I have the most confidence in Dr. Hanzlik as my surgery was handled in the best way. The staff at ROC have been great from the ladies at the front desk, the x-ray technecions, and assistants, and nurses.

  • Knee Surgery
It was an emergency surgery, and I ended up getting the pick of the litter. Dr. Hanzlik has been responsive to my knees, answers all my questions with enthusiasm and I would highly recommended him for orthopedic surgery. ROC office is managing COVID-19 situation well.

  • Knee
Dr. Hanzlik preformed the OATS procedure on my knee in march. He and his staff have improved my quality of life. Thank you again for the great work!

  • Meniscus Root Repair
When i found out I was going to need a meniscus root repair I was really worried about the surgery and recovery. Dr Hanzlik was great with making sure I was informed and answered all our questions. It was a tough recovery but my team was wonderful with making sure i was supported and they were available for any concerns or issues I had. Now I’m excited to be able to function with little to no knee pain or swelling and able to do activities, movements, and workouts I couldn’t do before surgery due to pain. Thank You Dr Hanzlik and team!!

  • Orthopedic Surgery
Dr. Hanzlik and his staff are amazing people to work with for orthopedic surgery. There are very compassionate towards there clients and go above and beyond to make sure that everything is possible for a successful surgery and recovery. I Will definitely recommend them for help for myself or and others, thank you all so much for everything and god bless you all.

  • Hip Pain
Dr. Hanslik is hands down incredible! After struggling for over a decade with debilitating hip pain, he has made my quality of life improve immensely. I have had pain free moments in just the 6 weeks post op. I haven’t had that in years. The procedure was seamless and ROC has been fantastic. Dr. Hanslik has been so kind, caring and truly present with me during this process. He is a fantastic doctor with a heart to match.

  • Knee Replacement
Overall care by Doctor and staff at Oregon Surgical Institute has been excellent. I am amazed as to how well my knee replacement has gone. Pain was never very bad. Never had to take any pain medications other than over the counter Advil and Tylenol. I was quite active by 4 weeks. Dr Hanzlik is an amazing surgeon, plus has a caring personality.

Terry R

  • right hip iliopsoas tendonitis
Dr. Hanzlik, I wanted to say "Thank You". The surgery you conducted has been a blessing. I was in the gym the next morning at 11am, and I have worked hard at my rehab. I am at about 90% in crossing/lifting my leg and at this point have almost whole functionality back. I wanted to share my appreciation and gratitude to you! Thank You So Much!
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